Frequently Asked Questions

3) Getting Started

How do I get started?

Step 1: Submit your restaurant information here

Step 2: we will review your application request

Step 3: Once approved, our friendly agent will call you and explain the details of the partnership

Step 4: Fill up the contract via the link in the email to complete your registration

How much does foodpanda charge?

The commission charge will be disclosed by our friendly agent after your application. The commission offered will allow us to improve our services, technology and operations for vendors and customers alike. We also evaluate the commission based on several factors such as:

- Brand equity

- Number/location of outlets you have

- Cuisine type

- Average basket size

Is your commission rate inclusive of GST?

The commission rates offered are NOT inclusive of GST. As foodpanda is a GST-registered company, 7% GST applies on our commission rates.

Is there any other charges involved?

There is a S$100 setup fee (one-time only) deductible in your first billing cycle, and a monthly data charge of $10 for the sim card.

After completing the paperwork, when can we start receiving orders?

The onboarding process will take about 5 to 7 working days from the time you sign the contract and send us your complete delivery-optimized menu. There should be no further changes made to the menu to avoid delay in your onboarding.

Meanwhile, do look out for the delivery of the onboarding package (Sunmi device and foodpanda decal, gift vouchers, etc) as well as the Menu preview email. You may also watch the training guide on how to operate the device here

Does your contract bind me to being exclusive with foodpanda? Can I still partner with other delivery providers?

No, unless otherwise stated in the contract.

Is there any contract period?

Our partner agreements are open-ended and do not carry any contract period. If either parties wish to terminate the partnership due to any particular reason, a written notice of 1 month has to be served. 

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