Frequently Asked Questions

2) How does foodpanda works? 

How does a partnership with foodpanda work?

You simply cook while we do all the rest! Give us your delivery-optimized menu, and food images (if you have) and we create your online profile.  


Receive orders via a Sunmi device (with 3G data SIM card provided) and prepare your food within 15 mins!

Our reliable and friendly rider will pick up the order from your shop and deliver it to the customer. It's that simple!  

Are we able to sell alcohol on foodpanda?

Yes, you may sell alcohol on foodpanda. However, please provide an image of your Liquor License for our validation during the application process.

How can I mark my restaurant as Halal on foodpanda?

Please provide an image of your Halal certification for validation during the application process.

Can I mark up the prices of my food items on foodpanda?

At foodpanda, we have a no mark-up and a best price guarantee policy. We also take a customer-centric approach to ensure price transparency. Therefore, all dine-in prices and delivery prices must match.

May we list a set-menu that is not available in our dine-in menu?

Yes, as long as it is not perceived to be more expensive than your a-la-carte items in your dine-in menu.

However, this is subject to evaluation and approval by foodpanda’s menu consultants to help ensure you have the best price guaranteed.

Are we able to adjust the preparation time?

We do not have allow the restaurant to adjust the prep time as hungry customers want their orders fast and prompt. However, foodpanda has a dynamic preparation time feature that will adjust your preparation time automatically based on the food value and the number of pending delivery orders that your restaurant has at that point in time.

Are we able to go offline if we are busy and not able to accept any orders?

Yes, you will be able to change your restaurant's status to “Available”, “Busy” or “Unavailable” at any time through the restaurant app on the device provided. Please note that as soon as you switch your status to “Busy”, you have 20 minutes until your status switches back to “Available”.

For food items that are sold out, how do I prevent them customers from ordering it?

You may set the "out of stock" item to "unavailable today" or "unavailable indefinitely". Customers will not see those unavailable items unless you set it to back to "available". For "unavailable today", items will be set to "available" automatically the next working day.

What happens if I accept an order, then realize that the item is not available? May we contact the customer directly to offer a replacement?

In such cases, please contact our partner hotline at 3158 3673 and provide them with the order number. Our partner service team will get in touch with the customer and advise accordingly.

After the food is picked up from my outlet, how long until it is delivered to the customer?

The delivery will take about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the weather and traffic conditions.

What if the customer cancels the order while the food is being prepared?

If a customer cancels an order after you have accepted it, foodpanda will treat the order as a “successful” transaction and pay you accordingly but consider the food as wastage.

Will I be able to see the customer’s details and/or rider’s details ?

Yes. The customer’s or rider’s name will be reflected in the order on your device provided.

Will we be compensated due to spillage/damage caused by the rider during delivery?

We advise you to have your food packaged properly. However, if such situations happened, foodpanda will take care of the customer service recovery (such as refund and compensate customers with an apology voucher).


You may also check which packing is more suitable our packaging services here.

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